e-Persuratan DitPrasarana

Kementerian Perhubungan

About the Project.




This robust platform serves as a comprehensive solution for managing letters, both incoming and outgoing, along with their dispositions and tracking. By digitizing and centralizing the correspondence workflow, e-Persuratan DitPras Kemenhub streamlines administrative processes, enhances efficiency, and ensures seamless communication within the organization. With features such as automated notifications, document archiving, and customizable workflows, this platform empowers users to effectively manage and track the lifecycle of each correspondence, from creation to resolution. Developed in 2021 for Direktorat Jendral Prasarana Kementerian Perhubungan.


Managing letters, both incoming and outgoing, along with their dispositions and tracking, presents a significant challenge for many organizations. Our client, DitPras Ministry of Transportation, faced difficulties in effectively handling their correspondence. The manual processes for managing letters were time-consuming, prone to errors, and lacked efficiency. Additionally, tracking the disposition of each letter and ensuring digital signatures were secure posed further challenges. The client recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that could streamline their letter management process while ensuring accuracy, security, and compliance.


To address the client’s challenges, we took a systematic approach that involved understanding their current letter management workflows and pain points. We conducted thorough stakeholder interviews and process analysis to identify specific requirements for the e-letter application. Our approach focused on digitizing the entire letter management process from creation to disposition, incorporating features for digital signatures and robust tracking capabilities. We emphasized user-centric design principles to ensure the application’s usability and scalability, allowing it to adapt to the client’s evolving needs.


The solution we developed for the client was a comprehensive e-letter application that transformed their letter management process. The application allowed users to create, review, and send letters electronically, streamlining both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Integrated digital signature capabilities ensured secure and legally binding signatures on documents, eliminating the need for physical signatures. 

Advanced tracking features enabled users to monitor the status and disposition of each letter in real time, improving accountability and transparency. Additionally, the application included a centralized repository for storing letter concepts and templates, facilitating efficient letter creation and standardization. By implementing the e-letter application, the client experienced significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, ultimately enhancing their overall letter management process.