Interactive Annual Report Pusat Data dan Teknologi Informasi (PUSDATIN)

Kementerian Perhubungan

About the Project.




This innovative platform redefines traditional annual reporting by offering an engaging and interactive experience for stakeholders. Through rich multimedia content, data visualization, and user-friendly navigation, the Interactive Annual Report provides comprehensive insights into the achievements, initiatives, and performance of PUSDATIN over the past year.


Explore key metrics, success stories, and future strategies in a visually compelling and easily digestible format, fostering greater engagement and collaboration with stakeholders. The Interactive Annual Report PUSDATIN signifies a bold step towards modernizing reporting practices and communicating impact effectively in the digital age.


The traditional format of annual reports often lacks engagement and interactivity, leading to limited audience interest and retention. For Pusat Data dan Teknologi Informasi (PUSDATIN) – Kementerian Perhubungan, the challenge lay in presenting complex data and information in a dynamic and engaging manner. With a diverse audience ranging from policymakers to the general public, there was a need to create a report that not only conveyed information effectively but also captivated and educated users. Additionally, the Ministry of Transportation required a solution that showcased their commitment to innovation and technology.


To address the challenge, we adopted an innovative approach that combined cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling techniques. Our team collaborated closely with PUSDATIN to understand their goals, target audience, and key messages for the annual report. Leveraging Unity, a powerful game development platform, we designed an interactive and immersive experience that brought the annual report to life. Our approach focused on creating visually stunning animations, interactive data visualizations, and engaging narratives that conveyed complex information in a user-friendly format. We also incorporated gamification elements and touch screen functionality to enhance user engagement and interactivity.


The Interactive Annual Report for PUSDATIN – Kementerian Perhubungan provided a groundbreaking solution for presenting complex data and information in a dynamic and engaging manner. The report, developed using Unity, featured interactive animations, and touchscreen capabilities that allowed users to explore transportation statistics, initiatives, and achievements in an immersive way.
Users could interact with various elements of the report, zoom in on charts and graphs, and access additional information through interactive hotspots. The report also included gamified quizzes and challenges to test users’ knowledge and understanding of transportation-related topics. By leveraging interactive technology and creative storytelling, the Interactive Annual Report not only educated and informed users but also showcased PUSDATIN’s commitment to innovation and transparency in the transportation sector.