Kiaiku Pejuangku

Barisan Pengusaha Pejuang

About the Project.




A transformative project developed in 2023 for Barisan Pengusaha Pejuang TKN Prabowo-Gibran. This ambitious initiative aims to collect data from 2 million Kiai Kampung (local religious leaders) across Java and Sumatra Islands. By harnessing the insights and wisdom of these influential figures, Kiaku Pejuangku seeks to inform and shape policies that resonate with grassroots communities.


Through comprehensive data collection and analysis, this project empowers political campaigns to better understand the needs, aspirations, and values of the local population. Kiaku Pejuangku serves as a powerful tool for fostering dialogue, collaboration, and inclusivity in the democratic process, bridging the gap between political leaders and grassroots communities.


Collecting data from 2 million Kiai Kampung (local religious leaders) in Java and Sumatera Islands presents a significant logistical and organizational challenge. Our client, Barisan Pengusaha Pejuang TKN Prabowo-Gibran, aimed to gather comprehensive information about these influential figures to better understand their roles, influence, and needs. However, the sheer scale and geographic dispersion of the target population posed significant challenges in terms of data collection, verification, and management. Additionally, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data collected across diverse regions and communities presented further complexities.


To address the challenge, we developed a systematic approach that involved leveraging technology and community engagement strategies. We began by conducting extensive research to understand the cultural, social, and religious dynamics of the target regions. Based on our findings, we designed the Kiaiku Pejuangku Application—a user-friendly mobile app tailored for Kiai Kampung to easily submit their information and participate in surveys. Our approach also involved establishing partnerships with local community leaders, religious organizations, and government agencies to facilitate outreach and data collection efforts.


The Kiaku Pejuangku Application provided a comprehensive solution for collecting data from 2 million Kiai Kampung in Java and Sumatera Islands. The app allowed Kiai Kampung to register and provide their information, including demographic details, religious affiliations, and community roles. Advanced data validation algorithms ensured the accuracy and integrity of the information collected, while real-time reporting dashboards provided insights into data completeness and coverage.

Additionally, the app facilitated communication and collaboration between Kiai Kampung and government agencies, enabling more targeted and responsive policy-making efforts. By harnessing the power of technology and community engagement, the Kiaiku Pejuangku Application empowered the government agency to gather comprehensive data and better serve the needs of Kiai Kampung and their communities.