Pemilih Muda

TKN Fanta Prabowo Gibran

About the Project.




This innovative platform is designed to collect and analyze the aspirations of young voters, leveraging social media data to gain valuable insights. Pemilih Muda serves as a dynamic tool for understanding the perspectives, concerns, and priorities of the youth demographic, empowering political campaigns to tailor their messaging and policies accordingly.


By harnessing the power of data analytics, this project facilitates targeted engagement strategies and fosters meaningful dialogue between political candidates and young voters. Pemilih Muda represents a pivotal step towards fostering greater inclusivity and representation in the democratic process, bridging the gap between political leaders and the next generation of voters. developed in 2023 for TKN Fanta Prabowo-Gibran.


Engaging young voters and understanding their aspirations is crucial for fostering civic participation and shaping policies that reflect their needs and interests. However, traditional methods of collecting and analyzing young voters’ aspirations can be challenging and inefficient. Our client, TKN Fanta Prabowo-Gibran, faced the daunting task of reaching out to millions of young voters and gathering their aspirations effectively. With over 22 million young voters, the scale of the challenge was immense. Additionally, the client needed to analyze social media data to gain insights into young voter sentiment and preferences, adding complexity to the task.


To address the client’s challenges, we adopted a multi-faceted approach that combined innovative technology with strategic engagement strategies. We began by conducting extensive research to understand the demographics, behaviors, and preferences of young voters. Based on our findings, we developed the Pemilih Muda Application—a user-friendly mobile app that allowed young voters to easily submit their aspirations and participate in surveys and discussions. Our approach also involved leveraging social media analytics tools to monitor and analyze conversations and trends related to young voters on various social media platforms.


The Pemilih Muda Application provided a comprehensive solution for collecting young voter’s aspirations and analyzing social media data. The app allowed users to submit their aspirations through surveys, polls, and open discussions, providing a platform for them to voice their opinions and engage with policymakers. Advanced analytics capabilities enabled the client to gather insights from the vast amount of data collected, identifying key trends, concerns, and priorities among young voters.
Additionally, integration with social media analytics tools allowed the client to monitor sentiment, track engagement, and identify influencers within the young voter demographic. By harnessing the power of technology and social media, the Pemilih Muda Application empowered the client to engage millions of young voters effectively and shape policies that reflect their aspirations and priorities.