Satu Matrix - Origin-Destination Analytics

BPTJ Kemenhub

About the Project.




Origin-Destination Analytics platform that integrates various public transportation data across Jabodetabek. Developed in 2022 for Badan Pengelola Transportasi Jabodetabek (BPTJ) Kemenhub, Satu Matrix represents a pivotal advancement in transportation analytics.

This web-based application offers comprehensive insights into commuter patterns, traffic flows, and transportation usage within the Jabodetabek region. With its user-friendly interface and robust data analysis capabilities, Satu Matrix empowers transportation authorities to make informed decisions for optimizing public transit systems, alleviating congestion, and enhancing overall mobility experiences for residents and commuters.


Origin-Destination (OD) analytics is critical for various industries such as transportation, urban planning, and retail, yet many organizations struggle with obtaining accurate and actionable insights due to the complexity of data collection and analysis. Our client, Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency – Ministry of Transportation, faced challenges in accurately measuring travel patterns, understanding commuter behavior, and optimizing transportation networks. Traditional data collection methods were labor-intensive, time-consuming, and often yielded incomplete or unreliable results, hindering the client’s ability to make informed decisions for infrastructure planning and resource allocation.


To address the client’s challenges, we adopted a data-driven approach that leveraged advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology. Our first step was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the client’s data sources, infrastructure, and analytical capabilities. We then worked closely with the client to define their goals and objectives for OD analytics, identifying key performance indicators and success metrics.

Our approach focuses on implementing a scalable and flexible analytics platform that can seamlessly integrate with existing data sources and provide actionable insights in real-time. We emphasize collaboration and knowledge transfer, ensuring that the client’s team is equipped with the skills and tools needed to leverage the analytics platform effectively.


The solution we developed for the client was a state-of-the-art Origin-Destination Analytics Software that revolutionized their approach to transportation planning and analysis. The software incorporated advanced algorithms, machine learning techniques, and geospatial visualization capabilities to process large volumes of transportation data and generate accurate OD matrices, heatmaps, and flow visualizations.

By automating the data collection process and leveraging real-time traffic data from various sources such TransJakarta, MRT, LRT, KCI, and Damri the software provided the client with unprecedented insights into travel patterns, congestion hotspots, and mode choice behavior. This enabled the transportation agency to make data-driven decisions for infrastructure investments, traffic management, and policy development, ultimately improving mobility, reducing congestion, and enhancing the overall transportation experience for residents and visitors alike